illyich (illyich) wrote,

When I shot down the youthful Richardson

It was Sebastian I thought of, and his arrows. Alternately:

Should you be so

Lucky like Saint Sebastian

Preferring the ache to the Aspirin

Swooning as they shoot the arrows through your narrow chest.

On an equally serious note, the B-Boy wants you to know that this little pastoral could totally be taking place in California or Oregon. Look, that dude's wearing jeans!

It shouldn't surprise anyone that at this point my life I'm pretty much entirely over impressionism and its immediate aftermath. Really, the only examples I like anymore are really kinetic stuff from Degas, and things that sort of surprise and amuse me, like this Monet painting of turkeys.

Unfortunately, some turkey got in my way whilst I was snapping the photo.

This change, it should be noted, did not effect my opinion of Gaugin, who I have always thought of as a total asshole, and something of a blithering idiot to boot. Look at this shit:

Subtle, huh?

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